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Sales Force Management

Direct Results
“Helping clients expand their revenue potential on every contact”
Our Direct Sales unit focuses in being an outsourced 3rd party sales acquisition partner for major companies. Using multiple acquisition channels, we engage in the end to end customer acquisition process and ensure success. Being highly sales focused our sales teams are focused in telemarketing, road show sales acquisition as well as door to door sales visits to acquire customers for your range of products.

1. Increase sales and marketing
2. Customer acquisition
3. Customer retention
4. Customer cross selling and up selling
5. Increase ROI for marketing dollars
6. Decrease cost per customer acquisition

eFusion takes a very scientific approach towards sales force management. We have run sales forces of over 150 people at any one point in time across multiple industries. We focus in establishing eFusion standards in 4 areas to ensure that efficiency as well as effectiveness in managing a sales force can co exist at the same time to drive maximum sales.

1. Prospecting ratios
2. Qualified customers ratios
3. Closing ratios
4. Cross sell ratios

Our approach towards setting standards allows us to develop a SALES SYSTEM tailored for our clients to be able to manage and achieve greater productivity that running your sales teams inhouse.

eFusion Direct sales unit does not simply focus in sales acquisition, when you outsource your sales operations to eFusion, we manage and provide end to end solutions to deploy sales strategy.

We solve all your pressing needs in managing a large sales force in areas of:
1. Research into sourcing the highest probability customers
2. Recruitment of sales teams
3. Training up of sales teams in sales techniques and product knowledge
4. Incentivising sales teams via different remuneration/commission structures
5. Sales and productivity tracking mechanisms
6. Sales processing of customer application documents
7. Customer service and reselling and cross selling by maintain your customer profiles in our inhouse CRM system

eFusion deploys sales strategy by first identifying the right and highest priority target customers that matches your product and we take an approach of ensuring we source for the RIGHT persons at RIGHT places make contact via RIGHT channels of communications so as make a SALE. Whenever a client comes to us, we typically analyze the feasibility of whether the product or service is effective in using direct sales channels through the following framework before we establish that your product can be sold through a direct sales model.

1. Average Sales cycle time needed to make a sale
2. Establishing prospecting and closing ratios
3. The dollar value of the of the product or service to be sold
4. The fulfillment process and delivery of the product
5. Documentation and application form filling procedures
6. What supporting promotions of gift premiums provided by the client
7. Attractive commission structure paid out per sale to eFusion
8. Attractive commission pay schemes to sales agents
9. Cross sell and upsell opportunities of multiple product sales to the same customer
10. Competitive research


We manage sales forces for: