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Sales Leads
Q: How many times can I use the rented names for?
All names rented are strictly for one time use only. eFusion offers special discount for multiple usage. Please email for details.
Q: How accurate are your names?
eFusion guarantees 85% deliverability for our names and will offer one for one replacement for undelivered in excess of 15%.
Q: Can the names be sent to me directly?
No, all campaigns have to be deployed through eFusion’s platforms. Delivery report will be provided at the end of the campaigns as proof of execution. Names for direct mailing will be sent to 3rd party approved mailing house.
Q: If I have my own customers’ base and does not want to pay for names that I already own, do you allow for dedup?
Yes, eFusion can assist to dedup against your customers’ base but dedup fees are applicable.
Q: What is the minimum order?
The minimum order is 5,000 names.
Q: Does the list rental cost include campaign deployment?
No, additional setup fees of $200 is applicable for email or sms broadcasts. The setup costs covers sending of test broadcasts and delivery reports.
Q: My company has a very targeted audience and none of the lists featured matches my needs.
The lists featured are just some of our best sellers. For clients who want to tap on targeted database, you can always make selections on demographic or psychographic criteria. For example, by age group, gender, income range, job functions or even housing types. For more information, please contact