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How do we find the Right Customers for You?

1.5 Million Consumer Database in Singapore

Step 1

AI Bots dials out to thousands of eFusion local databases to identify customers with interest on Property matters. Buy. Sell. Rent. Invest

Step 2

Property Connect Agent calls interested lead to further Qualify on prospect intention on Property Matters. Buy. Sell. Rent. Invest

Step 3

Property Connect Agents connects clients with qualified intent on Property Matters to 3 Top Property Consultants in Singapore

What will you receive from us?

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Aloysious Lim


9289 1289


I want to sell my current HDB and up grade
to a Condominium.
I wamt to get a 2nd property for
I want to rent out my property.

Current Property

123 Punggol Land # 21-03
5 Room Flat/MOP unit


If Any...