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Corporate Solution

Corporate Sales Solution B2B sales?

We specialise in list marketing with a host of brands that are waiting for you

Our Solution

eFusion can provide a scalable sales force, skilled in high volume transaction sales targeting towards consumers at all levels. Whatever your needs, product or service, we can:

  • Complement your existing sales force.
  • Replace your sales force if you are looking for a more cost effective outsourced solution.
  • Build a sales team for you that is tailored to suit your product or service be it a high or low involvement product.
Sales Channel

Upon identifying the targeted sectors, we can reach your customers directly, through:

  • B2B Business-to-Business marketing
    Bring your product or service directly to businesses with customised face-to-face marketing programmes.
  • Telemarketing & Events marketing
    Present your product or service on a wider scale with road-shows or events in targeted corporate buildings.
  • Face to Face & Door to Door Marketing
    Reach out directly to your audience by presenting your product or service at specialised trade shows or other business events.
Measurable Results

Efusion guarantees measurable results. These results are achieved through the number of:

  • Sales Achieved
  • Lead Generated
  • Data Collected
  • Database Profiled