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Al Telemarketing

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Increase 3X the sales call volume
as compared to your best human agent

Sales Acquisition Effectiveness

Increase Productivity by 90%

Basic routine tasks can be automated completely. Enabling Human agents to focus on calling back the right customers.

Adherence to Sales Call Scripts

Reduce errors by 90%

Consistent delivery of a great sales conversation. Worry-less about the wrong information being provided.

Humanised Voice

Sounds like a Human by 90%

Customer thinks that they are speaking to a human most of the time.

Business Scalability

Increase efficiency by 90%

AI Telemarketing can be scaled up exponentially across a wide range of Business industries 



Outbound TeleBot

Outbound TeleBot is an AI based telephone bot that makes calls and connect to your customers automatically. The technology allows automatic dialing and multi-threaded concurrency. smartly schedule calls with daily report for your better planning next also supports different languages with customizable voices and tones.

eFusion provides a completes Sales Solution for you from....

Leads Generation

  • We will set up the call center and provide profiled customer databases to call for leads generation

Customer Acquisition

  • We offer the Technology. AI Telemarketing bots to make the sales calls for you 6 days a week 10 hours daily.

Customer Activation

  • We can close the sale for you, process documents and have call center agents on standby in our call centers to close the warm leads generated by our AI telemarketing bots.

Industries We Automate Through AI Telemarketing

Increase Customer Satisfaction Now

While heightening productivity, lowering costs, and accelerating growth. (It's a win-win!)