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Employee Referral Program

Employee Referral Program

eFusion recognizes the need to hire talented, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals to join our team of outdoor sales and fulfilment. To promote organizational recruitment and retention, we want to encourage current employees to refer external candidates for positions within the telesales team.

Telesales Officer

Service Employee referral payment per successful candidate
2 Month $50
6 Month Additional $100
Referral Award Payment
The referral award payout will only be made when the referred individual completes at least 2 months of service

• Applicable to all staff of eFusion
• Referee must be hired as a full-time employee
• Referee must complete 2 months of employment in good standing
• Referrer must remain employed at the time the reward is made

How it works
• Referrer's name MUST be stated in the Job Application Form.
• Referrer has to keep track of the referee's month of service in order to claim the reward.
• Please complete the Referral Form (you can get a copy from your Team Leader or HR). Submit to HR for verification and approval
•Reward will be made in CASH by end of the qualifying month

* T & C Apply