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Our clients can rely on inbound telemarketing to acquire and qualify buyers for follow up by our sales representatives,
close sales, process orders and cross-sell/up sell offers.

So why should you do telesales?
Telemarketing is the most popular, dynamic, flexible and effective marketing communications technique available.

Benefits of telesales?

Business to Consumer Telemarketing

Consumers depend on your outbound and inbound telemarketing programs to buy goods and services. Present attractive, targeted offers to prospects and existing customers with outbound telemarketing calls. Get the most out of print ads, DRTV and infomercial inbound telemarketing with cross-sells/up sells.

Our advantage over others:

Outstanding People -

1. Client Service Managers with proven experience in setting targets, coaching, implementing plans and monitoring
     individual performance goals.
2. Line groups specialized in handling direct response
3. We hire, train and measure with selling in mind
4. Communication training is unsurpassed
5. Excellent record of staff retention and motivation with personal development plans in placed

Continuous Improvement Philosophy
1. Consistent training and continuous development for all employees
2. Team Leaders are developed through various extensive training programs
3. Expertise in Continuous Improvement is rewarded monetary.

The inbound telemarketing services we offer include:
* Customer support
* Helpdesk
* Order taking
* Answering service

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