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Our Approach
Welcome to a brand new approach that will transform the way your web business is run.
A leader in social marketing strategies, eFusion fuses this advantage together with a PaaS (platform as a service) model to bring you measurable and undeniable results on your online objectives.


We build “tomorrow’s business for you” We strategise and we deliver measurable results. (+)

This is what sets us apart from other companies who seem to focus on web design and functional requirements.

Our ability to strategise your unique online business model is key to our success in this arena


This approach saves you money and time. We bear the burden so you can focus on your business (+)

In line with SaaS ideology, we feel you shouldn’t need to worry about heavy licensed costs and upgrade training. We want to free you of these hardware and technical matters so you can focus on generating revenue and business


We want to be accountable for the model we develop. Our open approach means a collaborative effort to meet your targets (+)

eFusion can collaborate with you to operate and evolve your online business using our core expertise. We want to be accountable and responsible for achieving your goals through our shared initiatives. We believe the online world moves faster than clients sometimes can react to and this is where an ongoing sustainable partnership model makes more sense.

Fusion Social Design

We know how to design for your audience with your business goals in mind.

Measurability & Analytics

We live to deliver our brand promise through web analytics and goal measures.

Our Web 2.0 Framework

Everything we do online revolves around our platforms and our superior data management.

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