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Cleo (Magazine)
The newest way to shop.
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Business Times (Press)
Surfing up good bargains.
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Today (Press)
Personalised, interactive content. Singapore's leading media company embraces web 2.0.
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Prestige (Press)
Success is sweet, but doesn't come easy.
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Mocca Launch (Press)
On the 30th of July 2008, the newly revamped MOCCA was launched...
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The Business Times (Press)
Enterprise Fund gives advice to eFusion too.
ZaoBao (Press)
International Enterprise Singapore provide new business financial package to aid oversea expansion for entrepreneurs.
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The Straits Times (Press)
75557, ST's new world of interaction.
ShotCodes make the mobile Internet accessible in two clicks or less.
It's mobile commerce at its fastest!
End-users download special ShotCode software on their camera phones. When they snap a ShotCode, the end-user is automatically connected to the right URL within 1 click ...
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STOMP LAUNCH! - 14 June 2006 (Online)
SPH partners eFusion to extend its reach with bold new platform STOMP where we help open up IVR, SMS and MMS channels for users to submit their own ideas, pictures, videos in SPH attempt to promote citizen journalism. STOMP integrates content and activities in the three platforms of print, online and mobile within one website... view webpage
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The world's first prepaid card designed with Precious Moments characters. Maybank issued the Card with co-brand partner eFusion. view webpage
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Straits Times Computer Times (Press)
Know the real deal.
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ShinMin Daily (Press)
Featuring eFusion's CEO as being one of the youngest entreprenueur.
The Newpaper (Press)
They are Lords of the Ringtones.
Asian Wall Street journal (Press)
SMS Technology Gets New Lease on Life. Read more
Spirit of Enterprise Nominee (Online)
Mr Samuel Lim as one nominee for Spirit of Enterprise 2003. view webpage
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The Straits Times (Press)
Players in the picture logo & tone arena
Channel News Asia (Broadcast)
Youth Inc
TCS 8 (Broadcast)
TCS 8 (Broadcast)
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The Sunday Times (Press)
Innovation rings in the business
The Straits Times: National Day Special(Press)
From classroom to boardroom
The Straits Times (Press)
Interns at work, Being their own Boss
The Sunday Times (Press)
On the Dot
Upload Magazine (Press)
Enter digital lifestyle Read more
Juice Magazine (Press)
Read more
Chip Magazine (Press)
eFusion being one of the leading companies in the Audiotext industry Read more
TCS 5 (Broadcast)
Learning Journeys (Online)
Featuring eFusion's CEO, Samuel Lim as one of the youngest entrepreneur Read more
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Nanyang Chronicle
First year student sets up company Read more
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