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Our design methodology of "Fusion Social Media Design" is a key to our ability to act as an extension to our client's needs and wants in a project.

Social interaction design differs from conventional user interface (UI) design or user experience design. As a team who assists companies to build a social media platform, our approach has always been to look at one thing: ways to deliver compelling user experiences for its success. Our team of designers start a project not only by assessing user's need, more importantly, we assess users' interests.

Users are the core business model and failure to engage these users will close any form of participation as well as other aspects of a social media portal's intended businesses. We assist in extensive research to assist you to 'see' what your product/service is for from the user's perspectives. The UIs that we develop are not simply to discrete actions or transactions, but we build social interface which allows users to interact with other audiences.

A social media platform does not only attract a single user or several personalities or member profiles, but a good platform is something which recognizes the different communication and interaction styles, how users socialise with other audiences online, and we also take a greater step to understand what these users do and commit.

Our social interaction design together with our design approach to web 2.0 addresses the interaction of a website with user generated content and social interactions with other users. When users start engaging with other users, it encourages users to produce more user generated content and this thus defines the identity and success of a social media platform. This is what we help you to achieve.

To help you reach the right audience, we believe this superior design methodology brings about true brand ambassadors and engaged interaction.


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