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Measurability & Analytics

A big part of our brand promise is to deliver “measurable results”. We want to be accountable for the campaigns you undertake with us. Our understanding and application of web analytics mean your platform will never be stagnant. Web analytics to us is an organic approach to real time, real intelligence and real action implications.

We apply Web analytics and tracking to ensure the following and more,

 Measuring and maximizing ROI (+)
  • identify which referral sources (i.e. search engines, e-mail campaigns, newsletter sponsorships, print ads and affiliates) generate the most revenue, products, customers and orders for your business.
  • Which affiliate or traffic sources are potential revenue partners.
  • Actionable information enables timely decisions, such as continuing a successful marketing strategy or stopping a campaign going nowhere.
  • Work hand in hand with SEM to maximise on budgets and efficient keyword activation
  • Online channel is keeping up with your overall business goals. Whether it’s sales targets or traffic activity, the online measure is the best way to know what is working.
  • Visitor traffic and e-commerce sales numbers justifying the resources put into them
Better Targeting and Profiling of audience (+)
  1. Determine which visitor groups are most likely to convert into customers, members or subscribers
  2. Define visitor groups by the content they read, the actions they take, even the URL they come from
  3. • Interact and grow your database with tracking of visitors. Convert them to members to evangelists
Optimize Conversions (+)
  • Click-path tracking to maximize the rate at which your Web site visitors convert into customers, subscribers or members.
  • Adjusting the content and navigation of your site in response to your reports
Identify Revenue Opportunities (+)
  • e-commerce intelligence by analysing clickstream behavior (the page-by-page paths visitors take through a site) with purchasing activity to unveil key shopping patterns and trends
  • Identifying online revenue opportunities, such as product cross-sells, the most profitable referring sources of traffic, and the ability to see which keywords, search engines or promotions drive the most sales.
  • Determine upward and downward trends in a particular product, and which products bring in the best profit ratios

We deploy Google analytics which is a powerful way of achieving these outcomes. Here are some screen shots of reports and interfaces.

Our trained marketers have the expertise and training to apply advanced techniques so your online business growth will become a direct reflection of our successful partnership.

As mentioned, we want to be responsible for all our portal projects and we will peg our own performance by these very
same standards we apply to your business. Your KPIs are important to us especially and we will use KPIs to gauge
examples such as:

Visitors per conversion
Average page views per visit
Cost per lead
Percentage of new visitors
Announcement / News
Case Study

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