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Learning Room : Fusion Social

Welcome to our Learning room, here you will find some of our concepts and strategies in more detail.
Browse through our website and you will find various links that come back to the topics listed here.

  • What is our social media methodology and philosophy? (click to read more)

Social Media Marketing Strategies
1. Introduction
2. How can web 2.0 tools help my business?
3. What we can do
4. How we do it
5. Outcomes

Your website is the very first point of contact you will have with your visitor. Our tools ensure you build a site that
is informative, receptive, intuitive and unique. We will show you how the Fusion Social Tool Kit can adapt to your
specific needs. Welcome to the start of your web 2.0 independence.

We want to enable you to harness our social networking tools to create value for your business. Understanding what
your consumer is talking about will enable you to keep fresh and stay relevant. Empowering your customers with the
ability to share your content, products and services brings real intelligence to your doorstep and keeps the cash
register busy.

“How can web 2.0 tools help my business?”
Congratulations, you are on your way to a newfound marketing and sales freedom. Web 2.0 is about “people”. What
is your business about? Whether it’s in marketing or sales or services, your eco system revolves around people.
Prospects? Employees? Public at large? Focus Groups? You are in the people business.

Compare the old model of marketing to the web 2.0 enabled model of business

The diagram on the left represents the done and dusted way of prospecting where the funnel requires a budget
(voice) where your information gets funnelled through various marketing channels and the number of sales or
outcomes usually depends on how wide the funnel is or the size of your budget.

Look at the new web 2.0 social model. You now no longer need to shout your messages as you are making use of
people to engage with your message and in turn become part of the experience to purchase, evangelise and interact
with other people.

From direct sales to an information portal, getting your message heard is the key to success and Fusion Social tools
will enable you to do just that.

What we can do
• More your old static website to a dynamic and interactive Web 2.0 environment
• Increase Sales leads and improve prospects ratios
• Help you communicate and dialogue with your site visitors to engage in meaningful conversations.
• Providing your community the power to customise their own brand and site experience.
• Building separate communities around your brand for new product introductions, building evangelical
   customer communities, and generating customer-driven product development.
• Establishing event-based communities of interest together that will save time and resources.
• Create Multi Interactive platforms where users can push pull content from anywhere, anytime.

How we do it
• Portal
• Enterprise Community
• Collaboration
• Content Publishing & Management
• Content Moderation
• User Generated Content
• Personalization
• Tiered Security and Rights Administration
• Tiered Level Design and Layout Controls
• Notifications
• Spam Controls
• Communications (chat, VoIP emails, SMS)
• Tagging
• Profiles
• Media Sharing
• Forums/ message boards
• Groups
• Calendaring
• Wiki
• Polling, Reporting and Ad Hoc Usage Reporting
• Invite a Friend
• RSS Feeds
• RSS Syndication
• Search Engine Optimization

Rigidly following a sales process Helping prospects decide and make a purchase
Controlling what the buyer knows Buyers educate themselves before they come to you. This shortens the sales cycle
Marketing vs. Sales Integrated and interdependent Marketing and Sales
Selling solutions Helping customers succeed
Volume vs. relationships Relationship driven volume
Travel, meeting and schedule hassles Engaging, anytime, anywhere
Technology is a burden Tech works for you
Count every activity Measure activities that count
Mass prospecting Network/community of unlimited opportunities

(Source: www.danavan.net/renoama)
  • What is our Fusion Social Engine ? (click to read more)

• User, object,
   file and site management

• Social graph functionality    (relationships between users and
   other users, objects and sites)

• Easy internationalisation support

• System-wide, tag-based searching
   across all content and users

• Fine-grained access controls

• Multiple views, allowing for mobile
   applications and embeddable
   widgets as well as the traditional
   web browser view

Back-End Features

• RSS, FOAF content syndication

• An extensible RESTful API, with
   results in JSON, serialised PHP
   or XML

• AJAX through jQuery and user-
   definable callbacks

• Easy extension for use with caching
   systems such as memcached, for
   increased system performance

• Use of multiple database
   connections for scalability

End-User Features

• Profile

• Dashboard

• Activity feed

• User preferences

• Blogging

• File repository

• Forums

• Social bookmarking

    And more..

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