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Customer Database Management

Direct Marketing

Our Approach

Our services:
Data intelligence:
   (Consumer, Trade, Maps related databases)
Database profiling
Database analytics and consumer data
Database development and research

Database segmenting
Data brokering/List rental platforms
Database cleansing and updating
Database hosting
Data libraries/Appending/Licensing

In today's business, the propelling force behind constant business growth is the knowledge of your customers,
their preferences and buying patterns. Generic messages meant for the masses can no longer do the job. The
ability to personalize a communication, recommend a purchase or to reward your customers with their preferred
commodity will distinguish one vendor from the other.

Database Management has evolved from collection of mere customers' contact information to a systematic
exercise of understanding customers' needs and wants, and their motivations.

Many organizations possess databases of customer information, but unable to make sense of it. Others inherited
legacy systems and face tremendous roadblocks in doing a proper customer analysis.

eFusion's strength lies in the ability to analyse and recommend appropriate segmentation strategies to help you
achieve your business objectives.

It is our mission to help you realize the potential of your customer base to its fullest by drawing coherent analysis
from raw data, rationalize the database, combine it with creative marketing plans, reinforce vendor-customer
relationships and convert it into a revenue generating engine.

We believe less is more. By reaching out to the right target audience via the right channels will yield unparalleled
results for you.

Your customers are your most valuable assets. We draw conclusions from your information. We don't just help
you make sense of the data, we help you make cents (and dollars!) with it.

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Fusion CRM

We know how to monetize your database. Our CRM online platform will help “spring clean” and give you never seen before insight into your data. Why pay for costly software that doesn’t give you the ability to deploy your campaigns? Our CRM and deployment service means you get to House, clean, analyze, deploy and measure all on demand.

Increase sales and marketing
Customer acquisition
Customer retention
Customer cross selling and up selling
Increase ROI for marketing dollars
Decrease cost per customer acquisition

Our CRM Model
eFusion has been helping large companies make successful database(d) marketing campaigns over the years. Our strength lies in a total outsourcing approach that still gives our clients a total and immediate overview of results and analysis.

For marketers deploying direct marketing campaign for the first time,
having to make a simple decision on the most effective channels may appear daunting:
• Database building and research services
• Database cleansing and updating
• Database purging

eFusion’s team of direct marketing specialists who have amassed a wealth of experience helping clients across various industries execute highly successful direct marketing campaigns, are on hand to share innovative marketing tips and best practices adopted by leading industry players. Experienced marketers whom we worked with often appreciate the fresh perspectives we breathe into their marketing campaigns.

We are unique in that we have the resources and the attitude to deliver measurable results to our clients. We deploy various channels and these results are made transparent to our clients via an online web based CRM system.

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