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Sales Leads

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eFusion makes sense of your data. We also enable you to make “cents” of our data. Not just a list rental service, efusion offers much more than that with our ability to measure, analyze and reach the right audience through integrated channel strategies. Our mailing lists can be used together with our CRM solutions or by themselves.

Our advantage is being able to bring you closer to your sales leads through our superior profiled lists. Through our ongoing telemarketing efforts, we have one of the regions most well researched and updated lists available.
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 Prospect Profiling
Building Customer Loyalty
Analyse Consumer Behaviour

Countries: Singapore   
No. List Description Type of List Counts Country  
SC1 Consumer 50,000 Singapore
SC2 Consumer 50,000 Singapore
SC3 Consumer 1,800 Singapore
SC4 Consumer 10,000 Singapore
SC5 Consumer 5,000 Singapore
SC6 Consumer 2,000 Singapore
SC7 Consumer 10,000 Singapore
SC8 Consumer 13,000 Singapore
SC9 Consumer 3,000 Singapore
SC10 Consumer 24,000 Singapore
SC11 Consumer 5,000 Singapore
SC12 Consumer 5,000 Singapore
SC13 Consumer 4,000 Singapore
SC14 Consumer 56,000 Singapore
SC15 Consumer 2,500 Singapore
SC16 Consumer 11,000 Singapore
SC17 Consumer 5,000 Singapore
SB1 Business 6,000 Singapore
SB2 Business 8,000 Singapore
SB3 Business 6,000 Singapore
SB4 Business 5,000 Singapore
SB5 Business 5,000 Singapore
SB6 Business 3,000 Singapore

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