Friday, 22 September 2006
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Mr Samuel Lim
CEO of eFusion Pte Ltd
Name Mui Nga Cin (Wendy)
Address 400 Balestier Rd #05-01 Balestier Plaza S(329802)
Name Samuel Lim Kok Eng
eFusion Pte Ltd
56A/B Boat Quay Singapore 049845
Address of Interview 56A/B Boat Quay Singapore 049845

Samuel inspired his business dreams at the age of 13, he read a book titled "Cain and Able" by Jeffery Archer which was a story about how two individuals built their business empires. Samuel started from humble beginnings by selling products to customers at flea markets at the age of 19. Since young, he was highly creative and always had all sorts of crazy business ideas that he firmly believed will work He always believed that he was born an entrepreneur and that was the only path he wanted to choose.

From the age of 19 onwards he took action and started to go into business for himself. As a result of this decision Sam realised that he needed to learn from the very best in the world on how to be successful. He relentless pursues self-improvement by always taking extra time to attend seminar and courses He believes that the key to success is to "Study Success" itself. He believes learning how these successful people think, doing what successful people do will allow him to shorten his learning curve and excel much faster in business. Samuel has an entrepreneur's mindset. He believes that failure breeds success and in order to succeed faster one needs to fail more often.

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