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About Our Fusion Social Networking Platform
Our social networking platforms run on an open, flexible engine, designed to run your business in a flexible and dynamic fashion. Our approach ensures we take a view of perpetual improvement which open source allows. Our framework is designed to be the building blocks for your social platform to get increased traffic and new visitors. Our Premium modules are additional features which allow you to profit and earn revenue from your traffic

Fusion Social operates as a platform service where we manage all technical aspects of your fusion social network, from design needs to hosting requirements to training sessions. For enterprise levels, our ability to partner you in customizing solutions that range from software, data migration and hardware solutions sets us apart from other vendor services.

The following features are standard for Fusion social platform and highly customisable based on requirement:

Customised Templates & Design
Css driven template with editable and drag and drop blocks on core pages.
User Profiles
User profile customisation and grouping of user via organic group.
Secure Signup
Our registration pages are CAPTCHA protect with customised fields.
Communities & Groups
All users able to create sub communities and /or groups
Single Sign-On Integration
Cross Domain SSO across multiple domains where required.
Web Statistics Integration
3rd Party web statistics like Google Analytics and others as Metric Integration.
Open Architecture
We adopted OpenSocial framework at the core layer for building social platform and social graph APIs.
User Generated Content
Our blog integration module comes with WYSIWYG editor with the ability to insert UGC photos or videos. It also includes a powerful management admin tool.
Users may comment, rate and tag on any UGC content within the portal.
Photo Galleries
Each member can upload their UGC photos to the site and create photo gallery.
With user tagging on content, tag cloud is now built-in to the portal for better search and content association.
Video Galleries
Through API services, each member can upload their UGC videos to the site and create video gallery.
Online Polls
We provide services for creating customized web polls, distributing them via the internet or email, and tabulating results automatically in real time.


Extended User Engagement & Application On Demand

Event Calendar
Users may engage other user in the site by establishing calendar of events.
With on-demand e-commerce application to the platform, you can transact 24/7 accepting payments in realtime.
Message Board
Users may engage in forum and message boards integration within the portal.
Maps Mashup
With popular map service integration like Google Map, you can now add useful overlays for your visitors.
Ever wonder what everyone wish is? This on-demand application will do just that.
Enterprise Search
With this add-on enterprise search level capabilities, you will now be able to create search based on relevancy and fine-tune its formula to suit your every search needs.
With on-demand wiki, users can now share and collaborate documents, procedures, articles in wiki-style application.
With our WAP engine, it is now possible to create a mini-version of your portal
in mobile where applicable.


Extended Community Features

Live Feeds
Our RSS and XML syndication can be applied to:
* Blogs
* Forum posts
* Articles etc.


The following APIs/ Widgets are currently supported by Fusion Social platform:

Social Bookmarks
and more to come...
Fusion Social Networking Platform
Here are examples of how our platforms are layered with our modules to create a content rich social network

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Profile Set Up
Community Mock 1
Community Mock 2
Community Mock 3

Announcement / News
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