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FMCG - Consumer Products
handle SMS & IVR channel for contest hotline.
Generate winners and handled fulfillment of prizes and gifts for Nestlé across different brands.
To increase sales for Cerebos
We provide a full sales service to Cerebos by increasing their sales for their LIQUID HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS and TABLET HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS via telemarketing, giving advices to her customers on health supplements that suit their lifestyle
HarbourFront Centre
To increase sales for HarbourFront Centre
HarbourFront Centre wanted to launch a Rewards Card progrmme, and eFusion was engaged to run a membership recruitment programme. Members registered via online membership form. Our client was able to deploy SMS campaigns to its members informing them of upcoming promotions and contests. To drive sales for Christmas, the client printed entry forms with unique code generated by eFusion to allow shoppers to send in SMS to participate in the Christmas and New Year draws.
Spa & Wellness Promotion
To increase sales for Marie France Bodyline
Marie France is a leading slimming centres in Singapore. Besides running above the line campaigns in newspapers and leading magazines, the client wanted to reach out to a targeted group of customers to try its popular 3-in-1 slimming packages through SMS. eFusion was chosen because of the profiled database it owns.
Dell's objective is to engage in mobile marketingto achieve warm customer leads who are interested to purchase dell computers through a special promotion which they receive on their phone.
eFusion was tasked to source for customer database with income above $30,000 per annum. A 160 character SMS bearing the Dell's promotion was broadcast. Recipients would be able to call in a 1800 HOTLINE number to enquire about the promotion and place the order online.

eFusion;s sms platform allows companies to setup quiz/contest service to the public, with minimum hassle and low setup fees. Business partners will just have to provide us with the questions and answers to the quizzes. Our platform is equiped with the itelligence to capture entries with the correct answers thus making it convenient for Heineken to reward contest winners. Our comprehensive data reporting also allows Heineken to gain more contacts thus building up tis customer database.
eFusion assists Heineken to braodcast 4 quiz questions on various days to over 300 destinated phone list. eFusion also setup a keyword to compile the answers under the shared shortcode 77177. Recipients of the quiz broadcast will send HAS T or HAS F to 77177. The first 10 numbers with the correct answers will be the winners.

To increase sales for Daikin
An international household brand, engaged eFusion to host their maintenance and spare parts data file, to facilitate enquiry fulfillment from the client’s service partners.  This greatly enhanced their level of customer service and repair delivery.  Broadcasts to their customer base on service packages promotion were done on a regular basis.  This allows client to keep the communication line with their customers active throughout the duration of customers’ contractual period.
Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM) Campaign
Royal Sun & Alliance offers a comprehensive range of insurance products and services. eFusion helped launch an interactive eDM campaign for Royal Sun & Alliance’s travel insurance, which allows recipients to navigate through the pages to find out more about its services. Users can also enter their mobile numbers and immediately a hotline number will be sent to their mobile phones, which they can then save in their phone book.

Career Exhibition
To increase sales for Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health, Singapore wanted to launch a career event for school leavers, giving them the opportunity to explore different career avenues in the healthcare industry.

eFusion was engaged to manage the one-day career exhibition entire whereby different healthcare professions and clusters participated to offer visitors an interactive experience.

eFusion ran the event from venue recommendation, to planning of exhibition layout, RSVP hotline, and actual on-site management of the health career exhibition. A post event survey was conducted, and feedback gathered proved useful for the client when planning for the next career event.

Chinese New Year Daily WIn & Lucky Draw
To increase sales for Sara Lee
Kiwi Kleen & Ambi Pur are established FMCG brand names. eFusion had been engaged to launch a Chinese New Year daily win and lucky draw campaign via an integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and SMS Keyword mechanism.

This new approach to lucky draw allows client to gauge the effectiveness of their promotion and campaign very quickly, without the hassle of counting the physical forms.
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